Free Basic Trading and Investing Course

Free Basic Trading and Investing Course

February 17, 2023
1 month ago

Free Basic Trading and Investing Course

Maybe you want to enter the world of trading or investments and you don't know where to start. In this case, it is best to be accompanied from the beginning, whether you have experience or not. But if you want to get started and you don't know anything, you're in the right place.

How to start trading from scratch

As tempting as it may seem, in trading you have to start small. There is a lot of information to discover and understand before you make your first trade.

In this article you'll discover some of the most important tips on how to start trading, and a free course to get you started with the basic knowledge you need.

What you need to have to start this free trading course

Time and enthusiasm, as well as interest in all the information you can assimilate. Trading from scratch can be discouraging at times, however, with perseverance, commitment and a lot of caution, you can go training to be fulfilling your goals.

It is clear that with a well-planned trading course you will understand the reality of the markets and be able to put into practice everything you assimilate.

Computer for trading

The best way to trade is with a good computer. You can start with your own computer, but as you go deeper, you will realise that it is interesting to have a good setup, as well as several screens.

Forget about that typical image of trading from your mobile device, this is something to avoid. Trading requires a lot of concentration and responsiveness, so your computer is key. For the best experience, our recommendation is the equipment you can find in this article But again, start with what you already have.

How much savings do I need to start trading?

Our recommendation is to start with an investment of between £5,000 and £10,000, which you don't need, to be able to approach trading as something that can provide you with an income.

The money you invest in trading should never be taken away from anything else and, of course, you should never go into debt to raise capital for trading.

Learn how to invest for free from scratch course

The course to learn to invest for free from scratch makes it possible for you to acquire the necessary tools to do so with the highest degree of guarantee possible.

There are no magic formulas here, there is mathematics that will help you understand what you have in your hands and begin to apply everything you assimilate.

This basic trading course is approached from the perspective of the simplest knowledge to progressively increase in difficulty. With this, you will get to understand how a market works, how to do technical analysis, what you should not do and how you can act before the different scenarios that you find.

Who is Jordi Martí

The free investment course that we present to you comes from Jordi Martí, who has been managing his own assets for more than two decades. He is also a teacher and trainer, the right person to help you on your way in trading.

Why he does a free course

In this video he explains what his free course consists of and why he has decided to share a training that usually costs hundreds of euros.

Free course by Jordi Martí

The course provides the tools you need to start trading, deciphering all the terminology and what are the different types of financial products. You will understand basic concepts such as leverage, what it means to go short or long, just to give a couple of examples.

You will also learn about the characteristics of each product, what technical analysis is and the necessary tools to be able to operate, such as support, trend or resistance.

Start with Jordi Martí's free PDF and receive the 10 free classes.

From now on you can benefit from 10 free classes.

As simple as completing the registration form and start receiving valuable information that can provide you with the keys to make trading a consistent reality.

It's a very easy to view format, as you can access it for free on YouTube, with 10 easy to digest episodes.

You have in your hand the possibility to start a free course to invest in the stock market that can help you to achieve financial freedom.

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