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What is the best desktop computer for trading [List 2023]

When it comes to trading, it is always interesting to have a computer that has some characteristics that, basically, are optimal to be able to perform well. In this way, we will improve our experience without any doubt. In this article we intend to shed some light on what is the best desktop computer for trading, as well as the differences there are to do it with a mobile device.

Why trade with a computer

Make no doubt that trading on a computer allows you to not only enjoy the experience more, but you can be more focused and control many more parameters. This is a brief analysis of why it is much better to trade on a computer rather than on a mobile phone or tablet.

You can do a better technical analysis.

Thanks to having a large screen, or several if you can, you will be able to handle the information much better. This means that you will see it in a good format, and it will give you a very global perception of how you can translate that information into positions. In addition, you will have almost immediate access to sources of information that you use.

You can make better trades

Trading is an activity that requires tranquillity and concentration and that is something that you can only have if you do it in front of a computer, even better if it is a desktop computer. You have to bear in mind that you are trading with money, and that you have to have all five senses on. Therefore, it is not only a question of receiving as much information as possible and having quick access to it, but also of having the best conditions to operate calmly, without being disturbed by anything. In addition, the speed of the Internet connection will be higher if we have a good fibre connection and will be more stable. This saves you time compared to if you do it exclusively from a mobile device.

Contras of mobile trading

The main problem with doing it this way is that we have a limited screen size. Even if you have a phone of about 7 inches, the experience is not the same, AND you can’t work with multiple screens, which is a real handicap.

In addition, mobile trading is subject to a lot of distractions, because we tend to trade in places that are not at all suitable, such as public transport or on the bench in a square. All of this is because we use our mobile phones for almost any activity, and although they can be used for specific and specific things, there is no doubt that, when you reach a certain level, you have to do it from a desktop computer.

What a trading computer needs

No, not all traders are suitable for trading, because if your type is old it will not be in the best condition to be able to give a quick response. Here are the initial recommendations for the best possible trading experience on a desktop computer.


It is the brain of the computer and therefore the one that will give you the necessary speed you need. In terms of processors, the recommendation is that it should be internal, and based on an i7 if possible. Indeed, nothing prevents you from operating with an i3 or an i5 processor, but make sure it has a good performance. More is always better here.


RAM is the perfect complement to a good processor and is what allows you to have many windows open without the performance of your computer dropping. Therefore, it is not advisable to be short on RAM memory and we can start from the base of 16 GB, provided that they are DDR4 type memories. It is interesting to check if your motherboard supports additional RAM memory modules, because you can find them for an economical price and expand this immediate storage memory for a very reasonable price. Your computer will notice, and so will your experience.

Graphics card

Trading is nothing more than a succession of charts, so you should have a card that is quite competent. Our recommendation is Nvidia GTX, with more than 2 GB, and it’s not a bad idea to have more than one HDMI video output. You will be able to connect them to several screens. If you already have a certain level when it comes to operating. We can work perfectly well with one screen, but it is worth the investment to work with at least two.

You can configure them to your liking and manage them with the data that you consider most appropriate.


The size of the screen will depend on the distance you sit from them.
If you work with one, 24 inches is the perfect size for you. Don’t make the mistake of buying a screen that’s too big if you’re going to be sitting too close, you’ll get fatigued and have to take breaks more often. In any case, if your main screen is large, you can have one or two add-ons of a slightly smaller size. The experience is much better when you work with several at the same time and the investment is not so unreasonable.

Which computer is good for trading

There are many options on Amazon for ready-made computers that you can use for trading. Here are our recommendations so that you can trade with confidence and know that you won’t run into any problems.

As you can guess, all of the computers we show here have high specifications, so they are computers that give perfect gaming performance. Although we are going to use them for other purposes, they are real workhorses that are going to provide maximum performance when it comes to operating. Since we are going to make an investment, it is much better that this is of the highest quality and that we can use our equipment for trading for a long time without the risk of being outdated.

Gaming i7 Desktop Computer

Trading Desktop with Intel Core™ i7-12700K 3.60

Gaming Expert PC with 4-screen output for trading

To these towers we must subsequently incorporate the screen and accessories in the keyboard and mouse. Our recommendation for the screen is this 24-inch screen, which has a good pixel ratio and prevents the eyes from getting tired quickly.

Computer screen for trading

If you opt for the Apple environment, the iMac is our recommendation, with the advantage of having everything in one package: keyboard, mouse and screen.

MAC computer for stock trading

Of course, don’t forget to be comfortable and ergonomically correct so you don’t get tired. Take note of these chairs for a better experience.

NOBLEWELL Trading Chairs
CLP Racing Office Chair

Once again we hope we have helped you.

May the market be with you!

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