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Top trading platforms to start trading

Trading platforms are essential to operate in the world of online trading. They are the fundamental professional tools that are used by online investors in financial markets. These trading platforms (or software / apps) are designed to help investors to receive the latest prices available, analyse the outlook, and then buy, sell and take decisions in financial markets .

Choosing the platform that best suits your profile is an essential first step to be successful in your operations. In this post, we compare a few of the most popular trading platforms.

__Most recommended trading platform:_

– NAGA: the best trading app overall

– ProRealTime: is a multi-broker platform.

– MetaTrader: very specialized for Forex traders

– NinjaTrader: offers access to Futures and currency markets.


Trading platforms are online software programs or apps that allow the individual to buy, sell, or manage securities through various exchanges. During the account opening process, you will be asked to define the type of account you need and your financial history.


Naga - best social trading platform

Our favorite platform is NAGA. This platform provides the most complete commercial software on the market, and is the leader of the social trading model. NAGA allows you to interact with other traders and copy the most experienced successful investors. If they win, you win. It’s that simple. Its interface is very easy to use, it has a wide range of tools to operate online. Its bonuses, using the NGC base currency, are also attractive. It has a lot of options that can take some learning but it’s pretty intuitive once you get used to it.


This ‘freemium’ French trading platform has a free and a paid version. The free version works with the data collected at the end of the day, while the paid one works with data in real-time. One of its main advantages is that it has more than 100 technical indicators that will be useful for you when trading. On the other hand, one of the disadvantages is that if you do not have a paid account, you will lose the data at the end of the day.


MetaTrader is one of the most recommended trading platforms to invest in Forex. It requires software to be installed but the speed of this platform is very advantageous for scalping operations. It is very focused on Forex, which was the main reason it was conceived. But while it is a great Forex trading platform, for other types of investment we recommend other platforms.


This online trading platform is free for the advanced use of charts, backtesting, and simulation of operations. NinjaTrader offers a simulation module available to implement your trading strategies, but you will have to pay for the premium features. One of the disadvantages of this platform is that they don’t yet have a mobile app available yet.

In summary, we must say that there is NO perfect trading platform. But that said, there should be one that adapts to your needs, objectives and strategies, and the types of investment you want to make.

We opted for NAGA for its versatility, ease, and professionalism of the tool, but if you’re looking to start getting involved in the world of online investing you should consider trying a few and finding your favorite.

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