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Jordi Martí

Jordi Martí is an industrial engineer, Master in Quality Management (ICT), MBA Esade (Part time) and EFPA Course (European Financial Advisor) at Abat Oliba. Throughout his career he has worked as a consultant for large companies (Bayer, Freudenberg, Akzo Nobel, Nurel, Brilen, etc...), responsible for SAP implementation (logistics area) in Novartis and Sandoz Spain and as Demand Manager Spain in Novartis. In 1999, he started working part-time in financial investments, and in 2009 he started working full time in business start-ups, investment in financial products and family wealth management. Since 2013, he has combined his previous functions with futures and options trading.

Profession Jefe De Estudios De 'La Factoría

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