New! Online Market Structures Course (Sergio Di Nallo Method)

ATTENTION: This course can only be acquired by advanced students of the courses of Trading y Bolsa para Torpes or with the pack of the three courses.
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ATTENTION: This course can only be acquired by advanced students of the courses of Trading y Bolsa para Torpes or with the pack of the three courses. The classroom course is divided into two parts:

Presential course

The course begins the first day with a full theory development, so that the student can easily identify business opportunities, while having clear instructions for risk control and monetary management according to the money available.

The second day is dedicated to practice the theoretical knowledge in the different time periods in which this method can be used, being recommended to use it from the intraday (daytrading) to the long term, and can be used even in annual movements.

Online course

It is the bulk of the course, in its modules you will find all the theory performed in the face-to-face part plus practice modules.

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Course program
1. Ninja Trader

Professor: Miguel Chamarro (Ninja Trader 8 specialist)

  • Use of the trading platform and stock market for the course strategies.
  • Simulated Feed
  • Default Tools / Templates
  • Eyelashes
  • ATM / OCO Orders
  • A15 SuperDom
2. Day Trading and short-term swing strategies.

Trading strategies. Set up of Entry, Exit and Stop. Teacher: Sergio di Nallo

Sergio's operations are based on market structures. Based on them he takes an entry point for what he sees in the graphics. His trades can be scalping; but in general it is Day Trading. This involves opening a trade in the morning and closing it during American hours. Or open it in American opening and close it at night. Sometimes he leaves operations opened for several days. His method allows you to grow accounts quickly starting from small accounts. Unlike swing trading that requires large amounts of money.

Strategies module Strategy 1 Strategy 2 Strategy 3

Sergio Indicators Module This module explains the indicators Sergio uses; his programming and competence.

1. Graphing Modules and LT Sergio graphs in a special way based on his strategies. This module explains how to do it.

2. Vision Module The elephant footprint is a signal in the graphics. When Sergio is seen, he uses it as Set up and takes action. Its explanation is linked to the previous modules.

3. Advanced technical analysis

Teacher: Alejandro Pérez Wong

This technical analysis is advanced and eminently practical. Alex operates only by input patterns and leaves operations open for a day or several. Seeing him draw is an art; especially when their lines give money and are linked to the other strategies of this course.

1. Introduction to Technical Analysis. Does it really work?

2. The biggest secret of trading media vs. resistance We will see monthly, weekly, daily, 4H, 1H, 15m, 5m and 1m charts.

3. Trend: - Bullish, bearish and lateral - Rupture of the trend and Pull Back 1, 2, 3 with ABC. - Channels - Fibonacci

4. Technical Figures - HCH - HCH inverted - Double / triple roof / floor - Wedges - Flags and pennants - Triangles: Ascending and descending - More complex figures: diamonds, cup and handle - Key Japanese candles: Hammer / envelopes / dojis

5. Practice - We will analyze the markets using everything learned - Analysis of Dax / Dow / Sp500 / EurUsd / Crude

4. Trading with news. Fundamental Analysis of them and trading decisions.

Teacher: Alejandro Pérez Wong

Trading news is not easy. But Alejandro makes it look like that. Probably the largest news specialist in our country, AUDIOMERCADOS runs the only news radio for financial markets. His knowledge in currency correlations and application of fundamental analysis of the news will allow us to anticipate market movements. Valid for Forex, Cfd´s, Futures.

  1. Theoretical Module 1: INTRODUCTION
  2. Theoretical Module 2: THEORY OF THE NEWS. Fundamental Analysis
  3. Theoretical Module 3: THEORY OF THE NEWS. Fundamental Analysis
  4. Practical module 1: Analysis and study after decision of types by the US Federal Reserve September 26
  5. Practical module 2: resolution after the type decision by the EDF 27 September
5. Elliot waves super advanced operating set up method

Professor: Jordi Martí Balard

Jordi was Sergio's first private student. With time he derived his system focused on pure scalping. He mixes everything learned at the school with his own vision. His stops are very tight and ell-thought. He is a very profitable trader, making in 1 hour with the salary of a week. His techniques are ideal for small accounts.

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Elliot waves at an advanced level and application of Fibonacci extensions
  3. Structuring of temporalities from highest to lowest in preparation for the operation.

  4. Set up wave 3

  5. Operating set up wave “A”
  6. Operating set up wave “C”
  7. Wave fault operating set up
6. Super advanced Risk Management in the Financial Markets.

Professor: Francisca Serrano

Managing risk in an operation means continuing to be a trader. Preserving capital is everyone's obligation, although it is very difficult. What would happen if we acted as automatons? With this knowledge system we will understand that there is a holy grail in trading: Advanced Risk Management with a very good Monetary Management.

  • Glossary of terms
  • CAGR
  • Equity Ratio
  • Draw Down examples
  • Three Position Sized techniques
  • Equity line
  • Underwater
  • The PP and the WLR
  • Vix
  • Drawdown
  • Backtest and how to do it
  • Completion of Excell sheet and follow-up
  • What is an accumulation plan?
  • Rule 72
7. What financial instrument to choose?
  1. The micro futures contracts.
  2. How they operate in Day Trading and Swing medium term with little money.
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