Basic Online Trading Course

The basic online course is for those either just starting to trade or for traders who need to revisit trading from the ground up. Here we teach you how to enter the market quickly but still within your limits, using strategies to ensure your trading is as risk-free as possible.
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The Basic Online course of Trading y Bolsa Para Torpes introduces anyone interested in the world of Trading.

Trading is a type of trading operation that, using a platform (Computer Program), will allow you to see the market in real time and enter or exit it on the same day several times. To reduce the idea even more: It is like buying shares at 4:30 p.m. and selling them at 4:35 p.m. In that time frame we will get the difference between buying and selling. The good thing about the "Intraday trading" is that we can both buy or sell depending on the market situation. This is a concept which may not be very clear at the beginning, but it is clearly explained in our courses. Basically, the intraday stock trader decides, following a method, that the market will rise or fall in price in a very short period of time, and the benefit is the fork between the time of entry and exit. All capital is assured, since STOPS are used so that you do not lose more than what you are willing to lose in that trade.

The main objective of Trading y Bolsa Para Torpes is to introduce the world of Trading to people without previous knowledge, so that you can have a plan B in which to achieve a bonus. There is already a new advanced “branch” in Trading y Bolsa para Torpes to teach more methods and other types of operations that will help make that plan B become our first activity.

This course is aimed at people without previous knowledge, with a basic and medium level, and people with an advanced level who need a review of the necessary concepts and the learning of a proven and successful method, that is, to any person who wishes to manage his or her money profitably. It is done online through our platform.

We will teach you to enter the market in the short term avoiding your exposure to risk to the maximum with a good monetary management that, together with the leverage that we will teach you, can give you incredible benefits. We will also see the commissions that we must bear and the issue of taxes and taxation that come from trading. Our method is valid for trading with indices and for trading in currencies, but always in futures. We will focus on trades made with the Mini SP & 500 and Mini Dow Jones, but these techniques are valid in any other futures. Using Technical Analysis , we will learn to read the graphics in which we must operate.

You will also find a practical course, supported by weekly video and live tutorials and monthly virtual classrooms where real-time trading will be done for all students. These will be recorded so they can be seen whenever the student wants. There are currently more than 220 hours recorded available to the student without a time limit.

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Course program
1. Theory part

It consists of more than 1,000 minutes of video where you will obtain the theoretical knowledge necessary to start practicing in the simulators. These videos can be seen at all times and as many times as you want in the 5 weeks of access. These 5 weeks can be extended with two more (the two immediately consecutive) and an extra week at the time that the student wants. The average dedication to this course is about 4-5 hours per week (although more are recommended, each student is free to be the hours he/she needs).

2. Student classroom

This is the star part of the course, a classroom that you can access for free and forever, which includes:

  • Introduction course where we will explain in detail everything you will find in the school and the steps to follow.
  • Practical part in the simulators where everything learned can be applied. You can see the market in real time while the price is moving and look for possible entries. These practices will begin to be made from the moment you make the first view of the course (7-10 days), where you can use the platform and start practicing the course contents.
  • Live video tutorials with Francisca Serran. every Tuesday. In it you can directly ask Francisca through a chat. All tutorials are recorded in the students classroom, so you can see them as many times as you want. There are already more than 230 hours of recorded tutorials.
  • Live Virtual Classrooms with Francisca Serrano and his team once a month, where they will make live trading and read the market with the students. Questions can also be made and all will be recorded to see them as many times as you want. There are already more than 80 hours of Virtual Classrooms. (Almost all academies explain the operation when it has already happened, the difficult thing is to see it when it is happening).
  • Free and forever support via email and tutorials.
  • Access to the simulators for free and forever (brokers usually give 14 days of testing, thanks to an agreement with them you will have access forever (renewing every 14 days).
  • Help in hiring a broker. We do not work for any broker, so we recommend the ones we use. Looking for the market we have found, for us, the best brokers in commission prices and customer service. But you will be free to hire the broker you want.
  • Access to the network of students of Trading y Bolsa Para Torpes, where the students with more experience will help the new ones and all will share their experiences.
  • Free zone where videos, documentation and news will be uploaded.
  • Area of ​​recorded operations of Francisca Serrano that will help to better understand the trades.
3. Psychotrading

Psychotrading is much more important than a learner trader can imagine. Emotional stability means that your trading goes one way or another. Even if you don't believe it, any everyday problem is reflected in the trade. That's why it is so ridiculous for a trader to explain psychotrading, it can only give you explanations about his experience. Through those modules performed by a clinical psychologist and several coaches with a lot of experience, they will help you solve your problems. We will see these modules together with the coach. We also offer the possibility of transitioning from virtual to real trading accompanied by a technician and a coach (This service is on request. The first appointment with the coach is free. The others need to be paid. You can request it at +34 95 829 59 58).

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