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Did you know that 20% of the things you do will give you 80% of the bonus? The remaining 80% of you time is occupying you in things that do not contribute much. This is not only valid for your business, but also for all other areas of your life. So, the ideal in trading is to discover which are that 20% of operations that produce more than 80% of the profit.
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ATTENTION: This course can only be acquired by students who have already completed the Basic course.

Did you know that 20% of the things you do will give you 80% of the bonus?

The remaining 80% of you time is occupying you in things that do not contribute much. This is not only valid for your business, but also for all other areas of your life. So, the ideal in trading is to discover which are that 20% of operations that produce more than 80% of the profit.

I am Francisca Serrano and I have been watching the market for 13 years especially the MINISP 500 and the Euro / Dollar. In these years I have discovered a series of parameters that produce money, but you need a solid basis as a beginner trader to understand them. And now... you are ready to learn. With some of this knowledge you could live without doing anything else; just be waiting as a "duck hunter", ready to shoot when we see the opportunity.

All advanced students will have access forever to the advanced student classroom, which includes:

  • A special advanced community with all advanced students.
  • Periodic tutorials (where Francisca answers questions of the students in a video).
  • Trades recorded and explained by Francisca Serrano.

We have been teaching for more than 5 years and our intention to expand services to advanced students has been achieved.

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Course program
1. Technical Analysis (with Francisca Serrano)

Market Vision:

The market vision is something that you learn over the years. But... What would happen if someone taught you all the movements that the market can make in 100 slides? If you could anticipate your moves, not having to wait 10 years to have a market vision, because someone has done the dirty work for you.

For 13 years I have cataloged movements. With the help of my team, in 9 months we have generated slides that summarize these movements and show various alternatives to each one. When I showed the slides to Paco, he said: You have worked really hard! It has been tough, but I did it with love and it helped me improving my trading and now will help you to improve yours. I will show you this part personally.

The Sectors 1st Part of “Lamborghini” (by Francisca Serrano, 1 hour in the classroom course + support in the online course):

The majority of my training took place in South America. I have acquired my knowledge from many traders, but there was one in particular that marked me a lot in my current trading. He died several years ago, and his great illusion was to have a Lamborguini. His strategy and way of operating influenced me. I do not want his knowledge to be lost and in honor of my South American mentor I have baptized his technique as "Lamborghini".

Its system produces great benefits and is applicable to all markets. You just have to wait for it to happen. "Lamborguini" is usable in scalping; but its results are incredible in swing trading.

Official version:

  1. Stock market technical analysis.
  2. Fundamentals of stock market technical analysis.
  3. Support and resistance.
  4. Trends.
  5. Application of technical analysis in intraday trading.
  6. Advanced chart figures.
  7. Development of figures in real market.
2. Basic cryptocurrencies (with Francisca Serrano)

Official version:

Module 1 (BASIC):

  1. Cryptocurrencies I: Bitcoin - Blockchain - bitcoin.
  2. Cryptocurrencies I: The most important cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dash ...)
  3. Cryptocurrencies III: How to buy different cryptocurrencies, evaluation of an IC.
3. Advanced cryptocurrencies (with Francisca Serrano)
  1. Strategies

  2. Cryptocurrencies by IG Markets (Coming Soon)

  3. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies I
  4. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies II
  5. Operate with Cryptocurrencies I
  6. Operate with Cryptocurrencies II
  7. Strategies I
  8. Strategies II
4. Heiken Ashi (with Francisca Serrano)

- Heiken-Ashi is a different indicator, rarely explained correctly. I learned it in the United States and I apply it as Americans do. It will help you to ride trends. - My enemy “the investment fund” (by Francisca Serrano): How do they see the market? Do they do it just like me? Maybe they use tools that I don't know? In my current position I have been able to sit at the trading tables of institutional brokers and see what they do. One of their secret tools with the indicators that they use marks them where they have to leave... whether they do scalping with many contracts or swing trading. I was taught in the US and I improved it in Spain with a trader specialized in the field.

We will learn to use their same tools and it I will be teaching them.

  1. Evaluation of stock trends.
  2. Candles Heiken-Ashi (Definition and training).
  3. Trend start pattern with Heiken-Ashi.
  4. Trend evaluation and monitoring.
  5. Exhaustion patterns in Heiken Ashi.
  6. Strategic allocation in Heiken Ashi candles.
5. Advanced money management (with Pedro Pinedo)

In this module we will see the use of leverage, mathematical hope and monetary management strategies and protocols.

  1. Monetary Management - Concept
  2. Financial appeceament
  3. Mathematical hope
  4. Drawdown
  5. Monetary Management Strategies I
  6. Monetary Management Strategies II
  7. Monthly Monetary Management Protocol
6. Market structures method
7. Commodities (Oil) (with Francisca Serrano)

Oil is a future that has a life of its own. When the other indexes stop, oil is always moving. We will learn to trade with it without fear and with a good trading system.

Official version:

The raw materials market.

  1. Selection of assets in the markets of raw materials.
  2. Instruments about oil.
  3. Hours and operation of the market.
  4. Specifications of the oil future contract.
  5. Market-timing strategy.
  6. Practical application on the oil future contract.
8. Psychotrading (with María Almendros (coach) and Francisca Serrano)

You have all lived in your flesh the emotions of winning and losing money in the market. Some will be in demo; others will be in real. Whether in one way or another you will surely be very clear that it is essential. María and Francisca have prepared this part full of practice and exercises that we can carry out depending on whether our problem is: fear, greed or some of the emotions that can affect our trading, and and even abandon this profession.

Psychology applied to investment (psychotrading) 1. Importance of applied psychology. 2. Emotions and feelings in the markets. 3. Emotional control. 4. Acceptance of feelings and emotions. 5. Acceptance of mistakes. 6. Emotional control techniques.

9. Taxes (with Amador Barbado) (only in the presential course)
  1. Taxation
  2. The Spanish tax system.
  3. The Income Tax of natural persons.
  4. Fiscal residence.
  5. General Base.
  6. Basis of saving and capital gains.
  7. Integration of the result of investments in the I.R.P.F.
  8. Compensation of losses.
  9. Tax rates.
  10. Obligations to the Tax Administration .
  11. Agreement to avoid international double taxation.
  12. Example: international taxation.
  13. Sanctions.
  14. Annex: Last Fiscal Reform.
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