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The purchase of packs has considerable economic savings. If you have decided to train, I advise you to take advantage of this option. For online packs we recommend that you do not open the second course of the pack until you have done the first. The online courses are activated when you buy the pack through our online store.
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You can spread the cost over 11 months (Spain residents only)
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"ATTENTION: This course can only be acquired by advanced students who've completed the basic courses from Trading and Bolsa para Torpes - or in the pack with the three courses.

It is professionals who define the direction of market prices, and always in their own interest, not ours.

Learning to operate and understand their movements is what guarantees a step-up in safety and efficiency when trading. But fortunately, professionals leave their mark - and our operations can follow in the footsteps of those who dominate the market and not those who operate without experience.

Gabriel started as a basic course student at BPT, where he discovered trading.

He then took the plunge, without experience, just after finishing the advanced course, and after receiving serious lessons of market humility, he decided to stop and train with the best. He did so for almost two years in the United Kingdom and the United States, and continues his training constantly.

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