10 trading influencers you should follow in 2021

10 trading influencers you should follow in 2021

December 31, 2020
1 year ago

When we speak of an "influencer" we refer to a person who has certain credibility on a specific topic, who usually stands out on digital networks and who is followed by many people. Their influence is typically either because of charisma and originality, or for the strength of their experience and recommendations.

In the world of Trading, as in other areas, there are also influencers. In this post, we present 10 relevant trading influencers, Spanish and international, that we recommend you follow in 2021 to keep you up to date in the world of trading.

1. Jordi Martí (@JordiTrading): Head of studies at “La Factoría”, based on an Industrial Engineering, Master in Quality Management (ICT), ESADE MBA (Part-time) and EFPA Course (European Financial Advisor) at Abat Oliba. Throughout his career, he has worked as a consultant for large companies, as head of SAP implementation. In 1999 he began to dedicate himself part-time to financial investments and in 2009 he dedicated himself full-time to creating companies, investing in financial products, and managing family wealth. Since 2013 he combines this work with futures and options trading.

2. Alberto Cardenas (@acardenasfx): Current Director of the Center for Studies in Financial Investment in Panama, and with more than 15 years' experience trading. He defines himself as a wave seeker, in the markets and in life. He has more than 24,000 followers on Twitter and is quite active in the RRSS. He has his own web-blog where he publishes his trading ideas and investment strategies.

3. Cristina (@LunaElfica): A mathematician by profession, and with experience in investments for years, following in her father's footsteps. She is very active in social networks. Beyond trading she also publishes about pastry, has 8,744 followers on Twitter, and uses her own trading system, which she created more than 9 years ago. She is known to be an expert in technical analysis and it is said that "her success rate when entering and exiting the market is simply spectacular."

4. Roberto A. Ruarte (@roberto_ruarte): A pioneer of Technical Analysis in Argentina and Latin America and founder of the company Ruarte Reports in 1991, Roberto is at the vanguard of technical analysis in Latin America because of his fresh and relevant perspective on the Elliott Wave Theory and Technical Analysis. He has 24,249 followers on Twitter.

5. Javier de la Cruz (Garban from the bag @Javier3067074): He has 5,315 followers on Twitter where he publishes excellent daily investment analysis and tips.

6. Alba Puerro (@Albitamix): Co-founder of Salaparatraders.com, an expert in Wolfe Waves, and focused mainly on swing trading with all assets. She has 13,435 followers on Twitter, writes regularly on her blog “The stock market as statistics”, and also participates in the “Let's talk about trading” section of the Mercado de Divisas program on the Radio Intereconomía channel.

7. Oliver L. Velez (@olvelez007): Nicknamed the "Messiah of Trading" in 1991 by Dow Jones , he is an international trading broadcaster and is frequently featured on television as well as print media. In addition, he has written 5 books on financial markets and is the founder of Ifundtraders that is responsible for training and preparing individuals to enter the professional world of trading stocks and currencies. He has 14,519 followers on Twitter and is very active in the RRSS.

8. Javier Crespo (@JavierCrespoDM): He has 3,128 followers on Twitter and has his own YouTube channel where he shares his operations and knowledge in a selfless way. Not only that, he collaborates in the Economics section of the newspaper Bez “Territory Trading” writing articles on the economy and the stock market.

9.Gary Fullett (@LTGTrading): Co-founder of LTGTrading in the United States for more than 21 years. He does one-on-one mentoring and free sessions several days a week. He's a defender of the Richard Wyckoff Principles in markets

10. John Bollinger (@bbands): He has 120,194 followers on Twitter. Technical analyst and television commentator. President and founder of Bollinger Capital Management Inc., a company that manages investments at the individual and corporate level. Furthermore, he is the creator of “Bollinger Bands®” and other related tools that have been integrated into most analytical software and charting platforms. His book "Bollinger on Bollinger Bands" was published by McGraw Hill in 2001 and has been translated into twelve languages.

These are some of the current trading influencers, and of course there are many more. We recommend that you do not just go by the number of followers but also the content they publish and its relevance to you. In short, it is about looking for that influencer with whom you feel most connected!

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