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Basic tips for choosing Top Traders

June 14, 2020
24 days ago

Social Trading is a social network that connects investors who operate with people who do not have enough time or knowledge and want to invest in the markets. On social trading platforms, you can operate, follow, comment, do nothing, or simply learn from others.

It is essential:

- Analyze the ranking of the Top Traders in NAGA - Know the capital necessary to start copying Top Traders - Follow or copy Top Traders on social trading platforms - Data to take into account when selecting a Top Trader.

WHO ARE THE TOP TRADERS? Top Traders are investors who make profits by trading and also by being copied. People who follow their operations take a profit and they a percentage of that profit obtained.

An important fact to keep in mind when following a Top Trader is the copiers it has and, above all, the operations it performs. The more copiers they have, the more operations they usually carry out and the more benefit they obtain.

Within the Top Traders profile, you can analyze the activities, statistics and achievements of each one. If you enter the NAGA platform, you can see that the Top Traders are classified by:

- Income - Operations carried out - Benefits obtained

As Top Traders achieve, the platform upgrades them:

- Bronze - Silver - Gold - Crystal - Diamond


Most importantly, what you always ask yourself is: What minimum capital could you start with? This is the million-dollar question whenever you talk about platforms and operations.

We must be very clear on how to manage capital and risk, that is why we must look at the investor's achievements because it is very important to know with which capital the Top Trader normally operates.

In the activity section of the platform, you can see the latest trades that the Top Trader has made, you can communicate with him, post charts, comment on trades, etc.

FOLLOW OR COPY On social trading platforms you can have followers or copiers.

Followers are stalkers who watch you and watch what you do. They are seeing to see where you are going.

And the copiers are the ones that come to copy you. Those who want to do what you do.

DATA TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT WHEN CHOOSING A TOP TRADER The profit graph refers to all your profits that the trader has obtained, including those that he has obtained by copying. In this case, his own operations are simply the profit he has obtained.

You can also take into account the average ROI per operation: the profit that you have obtained in each average operation calculated with the guarantees.

Another important fact is the profit factor. It is the gross profit between the gross profit and determines how profitable that trader can be.

Auto copiers funds are also very important to know if you have open positions at the same time, whether they are winners or losers. That figure is what we would call the volume of the operation.

Frequent assets show the market in which the Top Trader normally operates.

The Drawdown is the largest range of losses that the Top Trader has ever assumed.

All this information from the Top Trader is what helps us to study and know-how this Top Trader evolves.

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