The best stock market & trading blogs for 2021

The best stock and trading blogs for 2021

April 1, 2021
1 year ago

There are a multitude of specialized pages and blogs on trading, the stock market, and how to operate and invest in the financial markets. In this week's post, we are going to review some of best that we think are interesting to follow. These will help you keep up to date with the news, financial news, and of course, to continue learning about investing. An exciting world of trading and the stock market awaits. Let's go there:

  • Canal Trader: let's start with our own website! Become part of an online community of traders. Here you will find updated content and videos about trading, in Spanish and English.

  • Bolsa para torpes:courses and information on the stock market and trading in the Hispanic-American market.

  • Rankia: a reference point in the stock market that brings together a large community of experts and leaders from the financial world who participate in the blog regularly.

  • Bolsamania: without a doubt, another important page on the national and international financial world. It offers updated information and quotes in real-time.

  • Inbestia: a portal that collects the opinions of different authors on the same page. It has a very active forum. It's especially interesting for the analysis of markets, stocks, and daily investment funds.

  • Novatos Trading Club: introduced in 2008, Novatos Trading Club has grown to become benchmark when it comes to training to become a trader.

  • Mundo Trading:a magazine and one of the most popular spanish-language websites and blogs in the economic and stock market world.

  • La Bolsa de Psico: daily analysis of the Spanish IBEX stocks, as well as indices, bonds, currencies - everything related to technical analysis and Elliott waves. You can join the blog and participate to share, follow comment, etc.

  • Cazadividendos: a blog and active forum on financial issues. The blog covers rntertaining and fun strategies to help you invest in the stock market and achieve financial independence.

  • Viviendo del Trading: Jesús Porro explains his trading and selling strategies from his professionexperience and also offers training.

  • 20 por ciento: very interesting blog on financial topics -including interviews, best investments, success stories and analysis.

  • Diez mil horas de trading :: an interesting blog about the world of trading in general. Beyond trategies and tips to follow, it offers articles with recommendations about products that can help your trading, like monitors and books.

  • El Club de inversión:Andrea presents her blog on how to manage finances and invest money wisely, combining different forms of investment. Training is also offered.

  • Bolsa y Capital): a personal blog signed by "The Elephant": a professional trader who explains his experiences and regularly publishes articles on different markets.

  • Mejor Broker de Bolsa: a portal dedicated to information and education on investment techniques in trading and stock market investing. Very interesting.

These are some of our recommendations, blogs that publish regularly on trading, stock and investment. There are many more, We advise you not to trust the number of publications and followers, but rather the quality and veracity of the content they publish. In short, it is about looking for those blogs that inspire you, give you confidence, and above all, contribute to your career, be it professional or hobby.

If you want to know more about trading, subscribe to the Trader Club and our YouTube channel, where you will find the key tools to continue training and become a financial professional.

To learn more about trading subscribe to the Trader Club and our YouTube channel. Here you will find strategic tools to help you train to become a financial professional.




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