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Professional Trader from zero. I have no idea about trading on the Stock Exchange

April 24, 2020
2 months ago

Hello trader! or future trader ... I am Francisca Serrano, and I want to ask you a straightforward question today: do you know anything about trading? Whatever ... or otherwise, you have no idea how to start in this world even if you are interested in it. Post me a comment on this blog! I want to help you focus your path.

And precisely for that, it is the article I am writing to you today. To tell you how you can start studying trading from scratch, even if you have no idea where to start or have not seen a graph in your life. What? Does it persuade you? Well let's get started! But before starting, subscribe to our website and our YouTube channel because the content that I share with you will also help you to understand this whole world of investment in the stock exchange.

Let's do this!

Can I learn to trade without having any prior knowledge?

Absolutely YES. You don't have to be an economist or a financial genius. I was neither one thing nor the other when I started and look at me now. Anyone who sets himself interest and effort to become a trader can achieve it over time.

Is now a good time to start trading?

This is just like when you wonder if it is a good time to start doing sports ... Is sport going to benefit you in the long-term? Yes ¿That’s right? You've already answered yourself.

Learning trading, at least for me, is an investment in ourselves, in our own future, either as a plan B that helps us to have improved our economy or as plan A, in the long term, to be able to live from trading and quit our job and change our work situation that does not make us happy at all.

So, YES, from my point of view it is always a good time to learn how to obtain profitability from the markets and to improve our lives.

Where should I start if I don't know anything about investment?

The first thing you should do is research several things:

1. What trading is

2. What results could you get if you dedicate yourself to it

3. What are the best resources to train you properly as a trader?

4. What steps should you follow to make a career as a trader

If you do not know anything about the subject, investigating these 4 points in depth will be the reference from which you will start with more confidence, and to gradually get to know the sector.

I don't know if you are reading to me for the first time, I recommend my book "Move your savings, and earn a salary"; Probably the cheapest way of knowing if this is for you.

Why do some people say that trading is not understood by anyone or that it is a scam?

I almost assume that some people will have raised this idea: "trading is a scam" ... or "it is so complex. No one understands it" ... Let's see ...

Is being a doctor a scam? Paying 6 years of degree (plus extra training) to learn how to treat or operate people, even if there is a risk of failure and death, is it a scam? Nobody in their right mind could say such nonsense ...

The same thing happens with trading. Paying money to train you and dedicate a lot of time to it, to later know how to manage yourself in the markets, even though there is still the risk of losing, IT IS NOT A SCAM. It's a race.

And just as the doctor spends years studying and practicing to do his job well, the trader does the same. It is not that "nobody understands trading" it is that it takes COMMITMENT and many, many hours of effort to do it.

Not everyone can be a doctor or a trader ... of course. Only those who leave their skin on it achieve it ... certainly not!

Will I end up understanding the graphics even though they sound double Dutch to me?

YES! Going back to the example from before ...

The first year at university, does the medical student know how to interpret an x-ray? ... probably not. But in the end, after studying and practicing, he ends up being able to make a quick diagnosis.

Well, the same thing happens to the trader. At first, you will not know what mean so many stripes, bars, and numbers. But with effort and practice, you will end up interpreting it almost instinctively.

My recommendation is that you focus on training in technical analysis, psycho trading, and with a mentor to guide you, whom you can see how he operates live. At the very beginning, you have to able to apply and train this knowledge and improve it in a demo until you master them.

At Canal Traderwe train you from the most basic level so that your training is complete from the beginning

Who starts trading, does it from below. From a basic level, learning a method, reliable and solid, from scratch so that you end up mastering it.

You should avoid the bad practices and rookie mistakes that come from insufficient and poor training

Only starting from 0 and learning from your mistakes; being guided you can be profitable.

You must have all the tools and knowledge of your mentor and then develop as a trader in the area that interests you most. There are conservative traders with few entries per year; Others have a moderate profile, and if you are aggressive then you will seek daily performance.

If you know me; You will see that I chose just that, aggressive it's not my style.

And of course, something fundamental for a newly started student is the supervision and support of those who train him. At Canal Trader we place a lot of value on this help, and that is why we have tutorials and support videos for those who are approaching the wonderful world of trading for the first time.

We don’t stand anyone up and therefore if you have not started yet, let me invite you to take our free course and see if you work from home with a personal computer, an Internet connection and some money that you do not need; It could be a Plan B from where to start.

Contestants in the program had different levels of learning; but during the time we were together we mentor them, we made them work hard guiding them and you will see the results at the end of the talent show.

Dear future trader, you can do it as long as you want it to be and fight for it! It is not easy. Becoming a stock shark takes time but living on an extra salary is a matter of learning.

Being a profitable trader is a complex and hard goal to achieve, I will not lie to you. But I have more than proven, throughout my years as a trainer, that even the most inexperienced, if he works hard, has finally achieved his goals.

I encourage you to start trading if you feel with all your heart that it could be your future

I assure you that, if you want you can count on us, Canal Trader will be there to help you and guide you in any way we can.

I say goodbye to the next article where I hope to see you excited willing to learn and go for it!

Take care and see you next time!

Francisca Serrano Ruiz Director of Canal Trader school



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