How does Social Trading work? 101 Guide

How does Social Trading work?

July 15, 2020
2 years ago

Social Trading is an investment method that is designed both for those investors who do not know or do not have time to learn to operate in the financial markets - and for experienced Traders who want to obtain an extra return from their operations. In short: the followers/copiers and expert Traders. Do you want to know how Social Trading works? We give you the lowdown on how to start making profits by copying others.

The basic elements of Social Trading are:

- Followers/copiers

- Traders

- A Social Trading Platform

Copiers can see the real-time trading of a lot of traders within the platform. With all the details. With full transparency. But the best thing is that they can copy their operations of other traders with a single click. Automatically. Instead of investing in stocks, CFDs, or currencies, they just have to follow a team of top traders and copy their trades. They will effectively invest for you and you will get the same benefit as them. As it is. I think investing in equities has never been easier or smarter. It's a true revolution.

Traders receive additional remuneration depending on the copiers they have, and the evolution of their investments. More consisistency and positivity in their investments means more followers and remuneration.

You could make an analogy between copiers and traders and coaches and soccer players In traditional trading you are the player (Trader) who goes out onto the field, puts the effort in, and score goals. You buy, you sell, you look for the markets, the products ... well, you do all the work directly. In social trading, however, you can also take the figurative role of coach. You select the fittest players, put them in the lineup, and let them play the game for you. You can make substitutions or change positions, but you cannot go out onto the field and score yourself. Of course, when your team wins the game, you win. And the same when they lose. You are both part of the same team.

All these exchanges take place on a social trading platform. In the market you can find several platforms that allow you to connect and replicate the operations of other traders. There's a lot of choice but you should look for the one that offers you the most reliable information and resources to find the best investors to copy.

NAGA is one of the most complete Social Trading tools on the market.

Social Trading is that simple. And it's a great way to make money from investing**, whether you are an experienced trader or if you have just started your way in the world of trading.

As with any new challenge,it is important to train and train over the long and short term, investing in the market can be a great way to generate additional income or savings, but you should always be in control of your emotions and use common sense.

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Social Trading is a new system that gives everyone access to the world's best traders. You can follow top traders and automatically copy their trades. You make money when they make money with no trading expertise required. This is the Social Trading revolution.