Games to earn money: A new way to earn money while you play

Games to earn money: A new way to earn money while you play

January 28, 2022
1 year ago

Games to earn money: A new way to earn money while you play.

Most of our lives are digitized, from banking and health, to our entertainment and fun, we could even say that the Internet has become our new real world.

Now that we live in a world where gaming and entertainment can be a way to make a living, we have come to create new levels of interaction and possible business, as is the case of crypto-gaming, or play-to-earn gaming, an emerging market which seems to be a good option to invest in, similar to cryptocurrency trading.

What are cryptogames or play-to-earn games? Cryptogames are games created based on the NFT system,** in which you can buy assets (characters, tools or skins), for a value that fluctuates depending on their demand (just like the trading assets we talked about so much). These games, although they require time and perseverance, can give us the opportunity to earn money.

The philosophy behind this system has its origin in MMO games (massively multiplayer online games), in which you have to pay to play, spend hours doing quests that take you from one side of the map to the other collecting items, to end up making a weapon (known as "farming"). This, which may seem silly, consumes hundreds of hours of gameplay that for the player are usually not rewarded, or at least not at the level of demand that the game requires.

This system led to the emergence of a new profession that consisted in "farming " those hours of gameplay for another player who paid you to play with his account. In this way, managers of large companies were able to boast about the high level of their character, without having dedicated the infinite hours it required.

This same method has been optimized with play to earn, in which a player rents his account so that others can use its assets.

**How cryptogames work. Cryptogames, as the name suggests, are games in which you earn digital coins for playing, winning or obtaining certain objects. This way of earning a living through entertainment has many characteristics that distinguish it:

-They are online games with a wide variety of options and themes. (Fighting, simulation, farms, design, driving...). -They do not require learning a complicated language to be played, nor do they require experience. -If you choose well, they have a high potential to generate income or profit.

**What do I need to play cryptogames? To play cryptogames safely and with the best possible experience, you need a computer or mobile device, internet connection, and an investment that will depend on the value of the token of that game.

What are the advantages of cryptogames? . The advantages of cryptogames are the different forms of business they offer. It is relatively easy to enter this world, and it allows you to earn money by playing or selling unique items, renting out the account to other players, etc. These types of games are also being used to create new technologies that want to be implemented in the Metaverse, so some projects are really promising.

What are the disadvantages of cryptogames? . Although cryptogames can be a good investment option, they are not as clear-cut as cryptocurrencies.

Because games can vary greatly from game to game, it's impossible to know exactly their risks and returns.

So are cryptogames a good investment option. Cryptogames are a new form of investment with a great future ahead of them. Big game developers are testing with this technology, so big capital injections are expected in this market. So at the very least, if you like investing and video games catch your attention, this new way of business could be an interesting option for you to study and invest in this market.

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