About us


We are one of the fastest growing communities for online traders. Our vision is to lift the veil from the world of financial markets and trading - to create a safe environment for you to develop your skills and improve your financial freedom.


Our community is made from financial professionals with a wide range of expertise - from those who know are just starting to learn about the markets to those who are already experienced professionals.

What we do

If you want to be part of our community JOIN THE TRADER CLUB and you will be able to enjoy EXCLUSIVE CONTENT for free.


We also produced and launched the very first talent show about trading: TRADERS LA FACTORÍA. You can watch all episodes on our YouTube channel. Get to know the contestants as they test their knowledge, psychology, and skills in a reality series that's all about financial trading.

The final winner will receive a 100.000 Euro prize to trade in our partner’s platform, NAGA, along with a free PRO course from our partner Bolsa Para Torpes.

Interested? You can start with BOOT CAMP: THE FINAL SELECTION | Episode 0 | TRADERS!
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